Fort Mojgarh Full Story

Fort Mojgarh Full Story

Mojgarh Fort is located in the desert between Yazman and Marwat and at a distance of 117 km from Bahawalpur city.
The Mojgarh Fort was built 270 years ago in 1743 by Malik Wadera Maroof Khan Dawood Putra. Its conical carvings were made of a mixture of gypsum and mud. Thirty-eight months ago, on that day, it was celebrated that Nawab Bahawal Khan II had made Maroof Khan his guardian or governor in the joy of the completion of the construction of this fort. The beautiful place of worship of this fort. The prison, tunnels, stairs, and gates were all built under the supervision of Maroof Khan. 238 feet high walls were built around it. Killed brick by brick and killed Maroof Khan who is still buried in a tomb some furlongs away from this fort. He was staying for the first time in Qila Mojgarh and in connection with this hospitality the relations of the Abbasi family with the British became very excellent. …

Now, inside the fort, all the guest houses inside are in ruins.

The rainy season is a harbinger of life for this desert. Hundreds of bush settlements and fragrant plant ships float in the sandy waters. They become intoxicated with life. The breasts of fruit trees are filled with sweetness. …
This poem of Khwaja Ghulam Farid fully reflects the spirit of Rohi.
The spiritual witch dreads a
Doubtless, my friend

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