Fast bowler Mohammad Amir is one of the first fast bowlers of Pakistan.

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir is one of the first fast bowlers of Pakistan.

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir is one of the first fast bowlers of Pakistan.Fast bowler Mohammad Amir is very talented who bowls swing like Wasim Akram.Every action of Mohammad Amir bowling is like Wasim Akram.Is considered to be the sultan.Similarly Muhammad Amir also knows the art of song. Born in 1922 in Gujjar Khan area of Rawalpindi. Gujjar Khan is a tehsil of Rawalpindi.It is the largest tehsil of Punjab in terms of area.

Muhammad Amir is a resident of Changa Bangial.Number one and his parents belong to a very poor family.Muhammad Amir had a childhoodWas fond of cricket.Mohammad Amir used to watch Wasim Akram’s bowling with great interest and after the match he used to do every action like Wasim Akram.Because his ideal and favorite was Wasim Akram.Mohammad Amir used to watch Wasim Akram’s bowling.He grew up.He was a bowler like Wasim Akram in every way.He struggled hard and everyHe tried his best. But the area where he lived was the most backward area of Gujjar Khan.Its streets and roads were unpaved.There were fields everywhere in this area.But Muhammad Amir was obsessed with ending he didn’t want to be named.He wanted to get involved in cricket somehow but that is not possible in Gujjar KhanThere was only one platform to identify oneself.That was Rawalpindi city but it was not possible for him due to his young age.Then in 2003 at the age of eleven he got access to a big academy in Rawalpindi. From here Muhammad Amir worked very hard.When was the turning point in Muhammad Amir’s life? Sultan Wasim Akram of Swing organized a camp under the auspices of Pakistan Cricket Board to find fast bowlers from all over Pakistan.

After that,15-year-old Amir for the tour of England,he was sent with the Under-Nineteen team.Mohammad Amir took eight wickets while bowling brilliantly in this tour.

After that he played for Sri Lanka,National Bank of Pakistan and Under-Nineteen World Cup.Proved to be a top class bowler while bowling nationally.Mohammad Amir National Bank ofPlaying for Pakistan,taking 55 wickets proved that Wasim Akram’s selection was absolutely right.Thus,the beginning of Muhammad Amir’s career became stronger and stronger.

Today he is one of the great fast bowlers.Today Muhammad Aamir has made a name for himself.Every team that faces him today is afraid of Muhammad Amir.Mohammad Aamir is a very good and strong bowler.

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