Faqir Khana Museum at Faqir Khana Haveli in Lahore, Punjab Highlights history.

Faqir Khana Museum at Faqir Khana Haveli in Lahore, Punjab
Highlights history.

This museum is more than twenty thousand
Contains antiseptic.
This is the oldest in Pakistan
And there is the ancient museum.
It is a private museum run by the same family for eight generations.
There are no tickets to enter the museum.
The museum has centuries-old artifacts, calligraphy and painting, and centuries-old memories.
The museum is located in Lahore.
The museum has artifacts that amaze the mind.

There are utensils which belong to Raja Ranjit Singh. If poison is put in these utensils then they change their color.
Or they break down into pieces.
There are also utensils that weigh as much as paper or egg shells.
Syed Saifuddin, director of the Faqir Khana Museum, said it was a private museum built by his ancestors.
Poor house mansion in which this
A museum has been set up in the museum.
Has been designing.
Through the museum, a small effort has been made to clarify the history of Punjab and its ancient culture and keep it fresh.
People from far and wide come here for research
The museum also has two chairs that were imported from China and used in the court of Raja Ranjit Singh.

Raja Ranjit Singh’s sword and shield with gold work and a girdle with silver work are present in the museum.
The museum also has archeological sites of the history of Punjab,for example history of Kandahar History of Muzaffargarh etc.The museum has historical manuscripts of many handwritten books.There is also a painting of Nawab Mumtaz Khan which took 15 years to make.This picture was taken at the court of Zafar Ali Shah made by artist Ghulam Ali.

When Ghulam Ali was asked by Nawab Mumtaz Khan to make a painting,he made a condition.It was not asked how long it would take to make the paint.This painting which was completed in 15 years is a masterpiece in its place.There is also a picture of Maryam Damani. She was the wife of King Akbar.This is the same picture that exists all over the world.This is the same wife. It was the first church to be built in the subcontinent at the request of King Akbar.

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