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Elizabeth II’s Death Foretold in The Simpsons

Elizabeth II’s Death Foretold in The Simpsons
The Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96. It is said that the death of the Queen of Great Britain was sudden due to ill health, but what if you were told that years ago on this day of the Queen? Death was foretold. ‘The Simpsons’ cartoon series presented in 1989 is considered to be a very popular animated comedy series. There was also a claim related to this series that in 1993 this cartoon had also predicted the corona virus epidemic and a similar claim was also made regarding the Beirut explosion. Now even after the death of the Queen of Great Britain, a clip of this cartoon series is going viral, in which the date of the death of the Queen of Great Britain is clearly visible. In this clip from The Simpsons,the cartoon family is seen traveling in a car, speeding and hitting a royal carriage,the Queen gets out of the car, and then the Queen’s guards kill the Simpsons. Also,there’s one more thing worth noting: the kind of guards in the cartoon years ago as shown,guards guard the Queen’s casket. Surprisingly,this scene is so similar to today’s scene that even today the uniform of the guards of the royal family is similar.

Not only this,but at the end of this clip,the queen is shown lying on a bed and it seems that the queen is on her death bed,but the important thing here is that the date written on the back shows the death of the queen. Kevin Curran,the writer of the successful American cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’ and who was associated with the series for 15 years, died at the age of 59 in October 2016.

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