Edhi Trust

Edhi Trust

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in 1931 in Junagarh,India.When he was 11 years old,his father had a stroke and became mentally handicapped.Abdul Sattar Edhi devoted himself to the service of his father.Finally,when Abdul Sattar Aidhi was 19 years old,his father diedDeath forced him to think about the helpless people around him.When Pakistan was formed in 1947, Abdul Sattar Edhi’s family came to Pakistan.

After coming to Pakistan,Abdul Sattar Edhi founded the”Edhi Foundation”.Dr.Khatun married Begum Bilqis, the trainerAbdul Sattar Edhi and Begum Balqis Edhi worked side by side day and night to transform the Edhi Foundation into an Edhi Trust.Hospital built.”Edhi Trust” is the only trust in the world that has an air ambulance service.Management also exists.Edhi Trust is active in the service of all human beings beyond caste.May Allah give it further development,Amen.

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