Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan Biography.

Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan Biography.

The name of Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan needs no introduction.He made Pakistan a nuclear power.He was born on April 27,1926 in Bhopal,India.His father’s name was Abdul Ghafoor Khan and he was a headmaster.Abdul Ghafoor Khan was a good and religious man.He brought up his sonDr. Abdul Qadeer Khan received his early education in India.

His family came to Pakistan on 15th August 1952.He obtained his B.S.C degree from DG Science College.He went to Holland for higher studies.Achieved 70% marks in M.Sc examination in Physical Metals.Physical Metals in Dutch HistoryDr.Abdul Qadeer Khan Watan returned to Pakistan in 1975 at the insistence of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

They have taken over the reins of Pakistan’s nuclear programThe nuclear explosion in May 1998 proved that Pakistan is also a nuclear power. May 28 is an important day in the history of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are grateful to Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan for this important achievement.Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan has done an important work by strengthening the defense of Pakistan.All Pakistanis consider Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan as their benefactor.Amen.

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