Don’t cut down trees

Don’t cut down trees

Don’t cut down trees

Deforestation is an unnatural act and in today’s world when the world is facing the worst air pollution and climate warming, deforestation is tantamount to destroying the whole of humanity.

The deforestation should be stopped in Awaran Jhal Zhao while the government would plant new trees worth crores of rupees annually through the Forest Department and other departments. These people are receiving huge amount of money

Zhao * Immediate notice should be taken against such felling of forest trees.
The public has demanded from the Forest Secretary that local forest workers be deployed in other forests of the area so that they can perform their duties properly.

Strict notice of deforestation of Zhao and transfer of employee to other forests of the district. District Awaran and Zhao.

Our land is rapidly losing forests.

Deforestation continues in Zhao in many cases. According to researchers, deforestation could lead to an extraordinary human tragedy.

However, in the last 10, 15 years, thousands of trees have been cut down and the people involved in the deforestation and the timber mafia have caused irreparable damage to these beautiful forests. Forest agencies, despite decades of devastation, do not seem to be making a serious effort to address the problem.

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