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“Don’t force me, Otherwise I will Tell you Everything” Imran Khan Said.

“Don’t be Forced, Otherwise I will Tell you Everything” Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan in a press conference said that I should be silent for the betterment of Pakistan and Pakistani people, if I am forced, I will tell everything. I know who is involved in the conspiracy I have all the information I am saying everything in a video if anything happens to me this video will be released۔ Let there be no misunderstanding, let there be silence only for the betterment of Pakistan. I did not want chaos in Pakistan so be quiet. 


Imran Khan further said that we are being put against the wall and if this continues then we will be forced to speak. Journalists are being tortured in Pakistan and FIRs are being registered against them. The journalist community is worried, some are leaving Pakistan and some are fighting this oppression. Now it does not seem that Pakistan is a democratic country. The basic rights of the people are being violated here. I appeal to the institutions of Pakistan, especially the judiciary, to save Pakistan from such a situation. And give the people of Pakistan their basic rights. If this does not happen then people will be forced to revolt which will be very detrimental to Pakistan.

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