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Does Naseem Shah really not know Urvushi?

Does Naseem Shah really not know Urushi?

Rumors are being spread about Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah that Indian actress Urvashi Rautela has given a message of marriage to Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah. This news spread all over the world in minutes,seconds. They say lies travel faster than truth. This news has caused panic on social media. But the faster this news went viral on social media, the more false it is. Naseem Shah and Urvashi Rautela have confirmed that this news is false.

Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah himself said in an interview that “I don’t know who Urushi Rutila is and what she does. When I do not know who they are, this is a complete lie against me.

And on the other hand, Indian actress Urvashi Rotila also said in an interview that “this rumor that has spread on social media is a lie. I don’t even know about it.” This is a rumor and there is no truth in it.

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