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Derek Chisora vs Kubrat Pulev

Derek Chisora vs Kubrat Pulev

Derek Chisora_ a 38 year old boxing veteran has beaten Bulgarian, Kubrat Pulev in a very close contest. This match was not rated highly before, but now it will remembered for the determination and courage of both fighters.

This was only the 3rd loss for Kubrat Pulev in his 32nd game. Both the fighters landed puches from round 1 till the end of fight. This was the fight to be remembered for ages. Both fighters are at the last stage of their careers, they deserve huge appreciation for their fitness and determination. This was a very close game and the decision of winner was made on umpire’s call.

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One umpire’s decision was 116-112 for Kubrat Pulev. The other two decided 116-112 each for Chisora.


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