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Cricket Fraternity wishes Mahinder Singh Dhoni

Today is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s birthday. Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 in Bihar. He started first class cricket from Bihar. He made his  debut against Bangladesh in 2004 at the Chittagong Stadium. His first series performance was not  good. He got his career booming in the series against Pakistan. He gave a very good performance against Pakistan. Seeing his performances, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf also became his fan. Seeing his long hair, Pervez Musharraf said that Dhoni should never cut his hair because you look so good in long hair. 


When Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the captain, he completely changed the India team. It turned a weak team into a strong one. In the first T20 World Cup, he was made the captain of the Indian team. He made the Indian team  champion of the Twenty20 World Cup. After winning the T20 World Cup, he emerged as a strong captain. He made very difficult and strong decisions for the betterment of the team which made India a very strong and big team. Under his captaincy, India won the T20 World Cup in 2007 And won the ODI World Cup in 2011. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. He is the first captain in the history of Indian cricket to win all three ICC Cups.






Dhoni played 90 Test matches and scored 4876 runs at an average of 38. He played 350 ODIs and scored 10,773 runs at an average of 50. He played 98 T20 International matches and scored 1657 runs at an average of 37. He was a very good wicket keeper batsman. He also had a very good Performance in wicket keeping. He is considered one of the best wicket keepers in the world.

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