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Benefits of Berries

Benefits of Berries

By the way, in the rainy season, along with the berries, many other kinds of fruits can be seen hanging on the branches, but all the delicacies and common pleasures of the berries are not found in any other fruit. Admits defeat, although mango has a distinct identity. Black and shiny jaman is more delicious and palatable to the food than it looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Even after eating hundreds of berries at the same time with a light mixture of you will not feel nauseous, but the more you eat, the more your appetite will increase.

Doctors have counted dozens of benefits, knowing which the heart is compelled to say without a doubt that “Berries is the guarantor of health”.
For example, doctors say: The taste of berries is cold and dry, so it is extremely useful for those with a hot temper, berries are very effective for strengthening the stomach and liver, it is thirst-quenching, quick digestion, appetite and purgative. There is blood, so its constant use eliminates liver diseases, increases appetite and affects the body. The boils disappear, the thinness of the body is removed and the complexion is brightened, as it is a rich treasure of vitamins, so its use removes the defects of teeth and gums and makes them unique. Strength and rigidity are created. It is a matter of great fortune and fortune that the rainy season comes, the branches of the jamun are covered with black jamun, the air smells of the scent of jamun, the bunches of jamun in the bazaars and shops start calling you towards you but throughout the season Do not let your combustion and tongue get acquainted with its pleasure even once.

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