Ben Stokes Retired From ODI Cricket

Ben Stokes Retired From ODI Cricket

England’s famous all-rounder Ben Stokes has announced his retirement from ODI cricket. Ben Stokes has played ODI cricket for 11 years and 104 Odi games for England.He played an important role in winning them the World Cup. He took to Twitter and said that now is the time that ODI cricket should be called Khairabad. 

He said”I will play my last game for England in Odi Cricket on Tuesday. I have decided retire from the format. This has been incredible tough decision to make. I have loved every minutes of playing with my teammates for England. We have an incredible journey on the way. As hard as a decision as this was come to. It’s not hard to dealing with the fact I can’t give my teammates 100% of myself in this format anymore. The England shirts deserves nothing less from anyone who wear it. It’s time for someone else to progress as cricketer and make incredible memories like

Three format are just unsustainable for me now. Not only do I feel that my body is letting me down because of schedule and what is expected of us. But I also feel that I am taking the place of another player who can give Jos and rest of team all. My time in Odi Cricket is over now”

It is a good thing that he has announced his retirement to give other players a chance. This is a sign of a large player that he understands when his time has expired then he announces retirement with silence. Ben Stokes is a big name of the England team and he has won many matches for England. He will always be fondly remembered in England’s cricketing history.



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