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Another Showmanship of Shahbaz Sharif was Caught

Another Showmanship of Shahbaz Sharif was Caught

Today, a video of Shahbaz Sharif has gone viral on social media, in which Shahbaz Sharif is traveling in a plane and one person making a video of Shahbaz Sharif. As soon as the person turns on the video and tells Shahbaz Sharif that the camera is on, Then Shahbaz Sharif starts shaking his hands and thus gives the impression that he is getting information about the rain-damaged areas and has asked for relief. 

After the release of this video, Pakistani people are making fun of their Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. People of Pakistan say that Shahbaz Sharif is already famous as Showbaaz and we know all his actors still can’t fool people like this.

This is the reason for the low acceptance of PML-N among the people that now they have been completely exposed in front of the people of Pakistan and the people have come to know their true nature.

People of Pakistan now consider Imran Khan as their leader and fully stand by him. This time Imran Khan will come back with two third majority and change the situation of Pakistan. And will change the situation of Pakistan. People have many expectations from Imran Khan and hope that he will fulfill the expectations of the people.

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