Aiza Khan took a break from the Showbiz for some time.

Aiza Khan took a break from the Showbiz for some time.

What is the reason for all this? Aiza Khan is the wife of Danish Timur.They have been married for nine years.Aiza Khan and Danish Teymour have two children. We keep watching their videos on social media. Aiza does her job very enthusiastically but nowadays she has taken a break from the drama industry for a few days.When asked,she was told that I want to keep myself calm for some time.I want to give my kids and myself some time.

But when I think I’m fine, I’ll come back.Heard that are at home.She is giving time to her children and her husband.But she also stays in touch with her fans on Twitter.In response to a question,it is written that I want to give myself time and if nothing else, I want to keep my skin calm.

And after all that,relax and think.Aiza Khan is also in touch with her fans through social media at home.She shares the photo on social media every moment. Aiza is giving herself time so that she can calm down later and do her work carefully.

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