After accepting the wheelchair in life,Sana Khurshid admitted in LLB.

After accepting the wheelchair in life,Sana Khurshid admitted in LLB.

Allah Almighty has made the universe very beautiful and many kinds of living things to live in it Make Allah Almighty made man the noblest of creatures and gave him superiority over all living beings he gave us a language to listen to,a language to listen to,a language to understand,a brain to speak,and many other qualities.We should be thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us these qualities created There are many people around us who are deprived of these blessings no less than a test the story of one such girl they have started telling that she has lost all these blessings of life.An accident has taken away all her take away happiness Sana Khurshid,who is an example for people like her,lost her ability to walk in an accident when she was in first year in medical college.The accident shattered all her dreams.It took him a long time to recover from this shock and he developed this disability after accepting the wheelchair in his life,Sana Khurshid admitted to LLB.

Today he is a lawyer motivational speaker and working as a vulgar,she is committed to working for people like her.She says that our society does not accept people like us.Anyone of the same sex used to cause people to go into depression and Feelings of inferiority go away.There are very few people who accept this right Sana Rashid also said that there are only two percent people in the society.Those who do,but the rest the rest of them.they look at each other with strange eyes and say why don’t they sit at home It is necessary to get out of the house in case of any such calamity not sitting at home and all sorts of things tell.If you do not go abroad then there is a lot of people there but this is not the case in Pakistan.As a motivational speaker,many people read his vlogs and get inspiration.Nowadays Sana Khurshid is trying to enforce a law.In the days to come,every disabled person will get all the facilities they need all over the country.People with disabilities are part of society and have the same rights as other people as good citizens,we have a responsibility to help and motivate such people,instead of discouraging them.Encourage them as much as possible so that they do not feel isolated.

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