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Acceptance of Imran Khan’s Narrative on the International Media

Acceptance of Imran Khan’s Narrative on the International Media

A few days ago, PEMRA banned the live broadcast of Imran Khan’s speech on Pakistani media. After this ban, Imran Khan tried to convey his statement to the people here through social media, but this government started blocking the internet and YouTube.

Despite so many restrictions in Pakistan, Imran Khan’s statement has reached the public because now the international media has started giving full coverage to Imran Khan. Global media all over the world spoke in favor of Imran Khan and condemned the terrorism case against Imran Khan.

In this way, the international media has not given so much coverage to any leader of the entire Pakistan, nor has the world media spoken in favor of any leader in this way.

The whole world is laughing at Pakistan and making fun of Pakistan because of false cases and bans on Imran Khan.


After the end of oppression and restrictions in Pakistan, the world has asked the current government to come to its senses and the whole world is worried that the current government will start a civil war in Pakistan.


After the sanctions on Imran Khan and the terrorism case, UNO Secretariat has also taken notice of it. Secretary of UNO has appealed to the people of Pakistan to present proofs of all these measures and those Pakistanis who have proofs should share them on UNO’s WhatsApp number. He has also shared his WhatsApp number for this.


As much as the current government is trying to suppress Imran Khan’s voice, Imran Khan’s voice is reaching the people of Pakistan with such a loud voice. Because God’s help is with Imran Khan. Imran Khan has raised the voice of right in Pakistan due to which the entire Pakistani nation has stood with him. The current government has so far failed to suppress the voice of the right and will continue to fail.

The current government should remove the false case and sanctions against Imran Khan. And conduct a clean and transparent election within Pakistan, due to which Pakistan will be politically stable and economically stable as well.


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