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A Story Of  Freedom Fighter Yasin Malik

A Story Of  Freedom Fighter Yasin Malik

Yasin Malik was born on April 3,1966 in Srinagar area.He spent his childhood in Srinagar.Yasin Malik did not know that he belonged to a slave nation.The Indian Army was imposed on him. Malik was 14 years old.After one incident,he hated the Indian Army.At the age of 14,Yasin Malik started participating in movements against the Indian government and the Indian Army.He was imprisoned for the first time in 1985.Due to this he remained in jail for two months.When he was released,he wanted to take revenge and bring freedom to his people took up arms for Had also been selected. About four to five months with this profession stay connected.Then when he went to jail the situation changed completely.

The struggle continued from 1985 to 1994.During this time he founded Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Fund in 1989.Yasin Malik has been in jail more than 250 times.During his stay,Yasin Malik learned a lot and his English speaking and general knowledge increased a lot.He knew the events and circumstances.He was very fearless and intelligent but he was severely tortured in jail.Yasin Malik was kept in insane asylum for one year so that his mental condition would get worse.The country suffered physically as well as mentally.The Indian government wanted Yasmin MalikGo mad.But this man Mujahid endured every torture.Then in 1999 he was kept in Jodhpur Rajasthan Jail.He was not even treated.

After that he reached the fifth floor and jumped from thereBut surprisingly,his life was spared.After that,Yasin Malik will get married to Mashal Malik in 2009.In 2012,he had a daughter.His name was Razia Sultana.He did not see his father as soon as he regained consciousness.Now Yasin Malik has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Indian government. Peace be upon Yasin Malik.On courage and bravery,peace be upon his passion and passion,peace be upon Yasin that he dedicated his whole life to the name of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.He left his children and wife for the sake of his nation.He is enduring persecution.He is more hopeful than ever that one day Kashmir will be free and insha’Allah!

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