7 Secrets to Mental Health

7 Secrets to Mental Health

The 7 Secrets to Mental Health is a book that is written by Dr. Steven M. Gurgevich and focuses on the mind-body connection and how it relates to mental health. 7 Secrets to Mental Health

In this book, Dr. Gurgevich discusses that there are seven secrets to mental health that lead to a life worth living, which includes optimal physical and emotional wellness, relationships with others, spirituality, creativity, work and service, balance in daily life activities, and learning from each day. mental health awareness month

The author of this book was originally trained as a medical doctor but has since been practicing as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years. He has had more than 500 publications in peer-reviewed journals related to nutrition and psychotherapy. 7 Secrets to Mental Health

This blog post contains 7 secrets to mental health in order to help you find peace, love, and confidence. Peace of mind is not something that you can buy at the store or find on a street corner. It is something we all have in ourselves. Mental health

1) Exercise

This is a great way to release endorphins and it helps you feel more energized.

2) Socialize

Getting out there and talking to people can help clear your head.

3) Learn a new skill

Hobbies can take your mind off of things for a little bit.

4) Try something new (or old)

It will give you a change of pace and help you feel like yourself again.

5) Talk to someone, anyone

Sometimes just talking can have an impact on how we’re feeling.

6) Get to know yourself better {using journaling}

This one is about knowing what triggers your feelings, so that you can avoid those triggers in the future and get back on track with your mental health.

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